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Epic Quest v0.1.6 [MOD]

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  • Dinero ilimitado.
Match-3 your way through the toughest of enemies - defeat dragons, orcs, ghosts and many other evil doers. Use unique class boosts, powerups, and gear to become even stronger. Level up and unleash your full power in the darkest of dungeons and against fiercest of enemies.
Conquer each level by killing monsters and completing specific objectives. With each new level you gain XP, new gear, currency and quest items. In your adventures, you will save and free helpless villagers from prisons, collect necessary supplies, vanquishing deadly foes and more. For every quest you complete receive shiny gold to buy even shinier gear. Create multiple characters and share your inventory between them. Aim for the highest score to compete with your friends on Facebook.

- Level up your hero, become more powerful, and unlock new armor and weapons.
- Compete with your friends on Facebook for the highest score.
- Test your strength in challenging dungeons.
- Get lost in the epic story that comes alive with hand drawn illustrations and gorgeous 3D art!

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