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ExplorOz Traveller v1.8.0

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From Australia's leading web publisher in the camping, caravanning and 4WD scene comes the new ExplorOz Traveller App - a complete navigation and mapping system.
The offline maps use the EOTopo topographic mapset produced by I.T. Beyond Pty Ltd (creators of ExplorOz.com) that is ideally suited to outback touring and 4x4 adventures. This is the only system that allows travellers to run our EOTopo maps without a third-party mapping software program.

What is unique with these maps is that they are overlayed with active POI layers using the ExplorOz Places database. Places are visible on the map whether you are offline or online enabling you to discover new places around you when you are out and about. Each Place is clickable allowing you to access descriptions and photos, plus you can launch the navigator to take you to any Place(s) from your current position.

The ExplorOz Places database is the largest verified POI reference set for campers & caravanners and is interactive to allow people to add photos and comments.

Imagine yourself sitting in the middle of the Simpson Desert talking around the campfire about what's down the next track. It's easy to open the app to find out what's around you - things to see, places to camp, other tracks to explore. You don't ever have to worry about having the right maps or guide books - it's all in the app!

Also included is the full list of 182 ExplorOz Trek Notes with detailed, factual information to help you plan your trip (includes history, difficulty rating, time to visit, permits) plus photos, reviews, and a full list of recommended Places to visit along the way including campsites and points of interest. Each Trek can be loaded into the navigator for auto guided routing (no voice, text only).

An optional Track Logger can be enabled for users of the EOTrackMe system on the ExplorOz website. This will record positions as you travel and plots your route on a map that you can access through the app. During your trip the map can also be accessible on a webpage in your ExplorOz profile so your selected family and friends can see your journey as you travel complete with dates and locations of your overnight stops.

A unique feature of the app is the ability to obtain free in-app downloads to refresh the Places and Treks data on the device at any time upon demand. This enables you to always keep your app synced with the latest version of the data stored on the ExplorOz website.

This app is a simple, but comprehensive mapping tool for all your on-road and off-road adventures.

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