viernes, 10 de junio de 2016

Fox Adventure v1.3.0

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This game is not simple puzzle. Is a game that should be a lot of thought. Test your brain. Try challenge it.

Give up stage and then you can go to next stage. if you feel difficulty. If game level is hard to use hint. Hora starts dangerous journey to rescue his grandfather.

- 51 stages.
- 6 useful items.
- various floors and traps.
- 3 bonus items in a stage.
- Korean and English support.

Use items you can get in each stage, you'll clear the stages easily. The puzzle is not difficult, but the stages with traps and puzzles may frustrate you.
however, you'll overcome.

You may praise yourself when you finish this game.
This game has no In-App purchase, no add, no network. this game is useful for killing time.

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