jueves, 9 de junio de 2016

Mythic Wonders: The Philosopher's Stone v1.0 (Full)

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Enter the mythical portal and search for your missing uncle in the new hidden object adventure game.

Emma wakes up from a scary dream: mysterious creature threatens her uncle Alfred. She feels that something bad just happened and it puzzles her...

Upon arrival she discovers that Alfred is missing and that the mythical portal, they were both working on, is active. What’s the story? Did her uncle enter the portal and embark on an adventure on his own?

Strange world on the other side of a mysterious artifact can be the answer, so the young woman dares to step into the unknown. An adventure in the worlds of five elements has just begun. Emma will take on various mini games, puzzles and beautiful, hand drawn scenes with hidden objects to test her skills.

Will Emma prevail over mystery creatures and deadly puzzles? Will she put her detective hat on to find her uncle and the secret Philosopher's Stone from her dream?

- 60 beautiful hand painted locations.
- 48 puzzles and 21 ho scenes that fit the storyline.
- Immersive gameplay with morphing hidden objects.
- Captivating dialogue and immersive soundtrack.


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