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Online Radio Pro v2.7

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Online Radio Pro is the ad free version of your very own Radio app. Online Radio Pro is capable of streaming virtually infinite number of radio stations for you. It has a very eye pleasing design and great user friendly interface.
You have the choice to add the radio station you want. To add a station, tap on the "+" sign and enter the name and "streaming URL" of your favorite station.

- No Advertisements.
- More Channels.
- Pauses automatically upon incoming calls.
- Can be played in the background.
- Option to add your favorite radio station (You should know the correct streaming URL. You can find these streaming URLs online. Example: at

Online Radio Pro contains the following pre-built stations: BBC Radio, Radio Kaarst, WKSC, SOS Radio, KIIS, WIHT, Jah Live Radio, Absolut Radio, RTL, France Inter, France Info, Baroque, France Musique, France Culture, Radio Deejay, RDS, Kossuth Radio, Petofi Radio, RAI Radiouno, Sveriges Radio, Lite FM, East FM, Psalms Radio, Manna Live Bible, Rafa Radio, NPO Radio 1, NHK, Party FM, Rádio Slovensko, Abiding Radio, and 4Xtra. But you are not limited to these stations. You may add your favorite station's Streaming URLs to the app.

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