viernes, 3 de junio de 2016

Tennis Club Story v1.1.1 [MOD]

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Detalles del MOD
  • El dinero siempre se incrementa.
  • Subir rápido de nivel.
  • Los entrenamientos, la actividad del club y la investigación, son gratis.
  • Al entrenar, las estadísticas suben mucho.
  • Disponer siempre de aura en las competiciones.
  • Puntos de actividad del club al máximo.
  • Subir rápidamente el nivel de sponsor.

Aim for the ace position of tennis club prestige in this simulation! Your leadership decides if players make it to the big time or bust! Customize your training menu to focus on power or technique, molding players as you please for competitions, fame, and snazzy sponsors!
Sponsors will fund hard-working athletes with big bucks, in addition to providing top-notch gear, items, and more. Some corporations might even build you a hot springs spa or restaurant! Sign with a variety of sponsors and live the good life!

Oh! ...and don't forget to beef up service for patrons of your tennis school! Hosting barbecues, training camps, and other fun events will stoke motivation. Make your tennis club a fun one to bring customers clambering!

So who will it be that commands the court? From singles and doubles to team competitions, serve up your rivals to win the Grand Slam and stock that trophy shelf!

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