martes, 7 de junio de 2016

Zooper by BEARD 3 v1.3

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This is a set of IDK how many anymore minimal, yet thoughtfully crafted Zooper widgets to compliment any home screen or icon pack you can pair them with.
All widgets were made by Tha BEARD.

This is not a stand alone app. In order for these to work, you must have Zooper Pro installed on your device, without it these will be of no use to you.
On some devices you may have to reboot your device after installing for the widget to show up in the widgets list.

- Download and install Zooper Widget Pro 2.40 or above.
- Download and install Zooper by Beard 3.
- Add a Zooper widget to your homescreen (via long press on homescreen if you are using a launcher or via appdrawer if you're on stock ROM).
- When Zooper widget skins list pops up, choose Zooper By Beard 3.
- Select the widget you want to add.
- You can resize the widget by long pressing on the widget and selecting resize.
- You can adjust the scale and size within zooper as well as many other things.

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